Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at 145 Scott Drive and is staffed by two state certified wastewater operators. The plant has recently been upgraded to 1.0 MGD (one million gallons per day) capacity.


Manage sewer processing treatment systems.

Quality & Safety

Run on site laboratory and permitting.


Maintain all facility equipment and the facility itself.

“We make brown water clear!”

Jody Cook, Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent

(706) 781-2000
(706) 835-2892

Normal hours of operation
Monday through Friday - 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The 1.0 MGD SBR waste treatment facility treats all wastewater coming from the City of Blairsville’s gravity collection system. The plant also receives waste from three pressurized lift stations including Walmart, NGTC, and the Union County Industrial Park.

The City of Blairsville Wastewater Treatment facility consists of several operations including two SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) tanks, 3 Aerobic Digestive Tanks, a Chlorine Contact Chamber, and a Huber Screw Press system (the 1st in a Georgia municipal facility). There is also a fully operational laboratory on site where Georgia State required permitting tests are performed. A state-of-the-art computerized system ensures the treatment plant is fully operational at all times.

Jody Cook says, “Besides keeping the system running smoothly, doing regular preventive maintenance, and operational testing, our two man team maintains all the electrical and mechanical equipment at the facility.” We consider ourselves water managers, as our job is to protect the community’s water resources for future generations.

Meet the Team

Matt Wilcox, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator